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Reinforced Alert 1.50

: 21 mar 2021, 18:03
autor: PL_Cmd_Jacek
A więc mod Reinforced Alert by Crazy Ivan w wersji 1.50 jest gotowy.

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lista zmian od ostatniej wersji
1 - Udaloy User platform: fix speed bug.
2 - Some user wire-guided torpedoes now have a limited wire length.
3 - User submarines towed arrays: Sensitivity is now related to the length of the deployed cable.
4 - Udaloy-II added as controllable platform.
5 - User Udaloy DDG, Udaloy-II DDG and Rogov LPD: controllable KA-31R AEW added in hangar.
6 - User Ship: CIWS control on drop-down menu fix.
7 - All torpedoes were redesigned for speed: single-speed (Max Spd cruise),
double-speed (Min or Max Spd cruise)
and also multi-speed torpedoes (Any Spd cruise, between Min and Max).
8 - Some 3D models have been replaced (Kirov CGN and next 3 hulls in series).Thx for -Fox Alfa-.
9 - Charlie-II SSGN: Old 3D model has been replaced. Thx for -Jaf- and -KPV_74- (Based on Cold Waters 3-D model).
10 - User C.F.Adams DDG - 3D model replaced.
11 - Victor-I and Victor-III: 3D models fix torpedo muzzle animation.
12 - User TU-142 Bear - 3D model replaced.
13 - User KA-27 Helix - 3D model replaced.
14 - Semi-Active EMCON mode added for AI combattante ships.
15 - User Ships: Gun FCRadars has been fix (CWI button for SAM mission - unlocked).
16 - Udaloy's DDG: 3D model has been replaced.
17 - User Ships: Guns bug fix (when, when fired at a ship, aircraft are struck at an unlimited distance)
18 - User Grisha-V FFL: 3D model replaced (Parchim's FFL and Kaszub FFL).
19 - Replaced 3-D Models: Oil-Tanker; Military Oil-Tanker; Supply AOE; Boeing 747.
20 - ROGOVs LPD: 3D model replaced.
21 - Henry J. Kaiser AOH: added to U.S NAVY.
22 - User Ships: fixed bug when the CIWS could not shoot at the target from the drop-down menu on the
23 - C-400 C-300 SAM Sites: 3-D model replaced.
24 - User S-3 Viking: 3-D model replaced.
25 - Updated "Weapon Guide" to RA_Weapon_Info_rev40.pdf.
26 - Removed a bug when subs gave their contacts when they were below the communication depth.
27 - Speed Boat added as USER platform.
28 - Mig-29, Yak-38 replaced 3-D model.
29 - User Helos and Ships : Removed default bug when visual sensor (Pilot,Bridge Stations) does not mark downed pilot or iceberg.
30 - Installer (Install_OPFOR_DWX1_50.BAT file) is now compatible with the Steam game version.
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Re: Reinforced Alert 1.50

: 02 kwie 2021, 15:32
autor: PL_Cmd_Jacek
Patch #1 do wersji 1.50.

Just copy the unzipped package to your game folder.

* - Trafalgar SSN: active sonar fixed
* - User Subs with 4 torpedo tubes: access to VLS tubes is blocked.
Sturgeon SSN
Sturgeon Long SSN
Los Angeles Flt-I
Rubis / Amethyst SSN
Suffren SSN
* - Doctrines: User Mk 48 Mod 4 torpedo, travel distance increased to 23 miles, for low transit speed,
user torpedoes USET-80 and USET-80K, a bug with fuel consumption has been fixed.
* - Fixed wire cut procedures on torpedoes (Sim freeze problem).
* - Rubis SSN: Sound bugs have been removed at the weapon control station.
* - User Ships: the view from the bridges has been fixed.
* - Fixed a visual bug with the IR camera on helicopters, at an altitude of more than 50 meters (164 f)
* - Fixed a MAD bug with helicopters. Sound message loop and strange signal behavior.